Stephanie Dawn Burke
Looking Up To Pigeons 6Looking Up To Pigeons 5Looking Up To Pigeons 4Looking Up To Pigeons 3Looking Up To Pigeons 2Looking Up To Pigeons 1Watching (young learner)Watching (burning rubble)Watching (downrange smoke)Watching (loving couple)Construction 6Construction 5Construction 4Construction 3Construction 2Construction 1untitled 7untitled 2untitled 5Two Wings Violently LostStill Life with Migratory BirdsStill Life with Dirty Dishes and Pink CurtainsStill Life with Dirty Blanket and PillsStill Life with Dog Shit and Table LegsStill Life with Familiar WaltzesStill Life with Sunset and Spider WebsStill Life with Plaid and Plastic SheetStill Life with Tightie Whities and Forgotten Grapes
Looking Out Toward The Riverspecimen 9specimen 8specimen 7specimen 6 specimen 5specimen 4specimen 3specimen 2specimen 1ConfrontationUntitled 11Untitled 1Untitled 4Untitled 10Untitled 9Untitled 3Untitled 8Jo With FishThe KitchenThe BedroomThe Front DoorZapatistas in Chiapas - MuralZapatistas in Chiapas - MusiciansZapatistas in Chiapas - BannerZapatistas in Chiapas - Dancing School ChildrenZapatistas in Chiapas - Basketball CourtRiver SpecterTree Specter
Print Sale
In clearing out my flat files, I found many prints I've kept over the years. I've decided to hold a print sale to clear out space for new work. Prints are unsigned and uneditioned. Only the size listed is available. Please note that a small number of images have between two and four prints available. If you would like to purchase a print, please click the price and you will be redirected to PayPal.